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Our Background

Cybernate Systems Intelligence Technology Corporation (also known as CSITech) is a technology marketing and startup business consultancy organization that capitalizes on its founders' collective corporate experience.

The founders believe and adhere to the core principles of:

  • Close Collaboration, or the spending of unlimited time with clients to thresh out their needs and embed these needs in a solution;

  • Creative Out-of-the-Box Thinking or the 'sky-is-the-limit' visualization of possibilities to arrive at a solution;

  • Innovative and Ingenious Design Ideas, or the fearless adoption of new ways of doing things rather than sticking to conventional, tried-and-tested ones;

  • Pragmatic Approaches, or the willingness to listen to client’s concerns in order to understand where they are coming from and what they intend to achieve;

  • Uncompromising Adherence to Control Procedures, or the early communication of relevant security standards and regulations to clients to audit-proof their solution for the long-term;

  • Seamless Project Implementation and Execution, or the close monitoring of projects from start to finish.

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